Finding the Right Nursing Home When Your Loved One Has Mental or Psychiatric Conditions

Choosing the right nursing home or other long-term care facility for your elderly parent or other aged loved one is never a simple task. The complexity of this mission only increases when your loved one has some condition that requires medication and/or specialized treatment. While some nursing homes may be equipped to adequately address the physical ailments and infirmities, it is less common to find a facility that is able to handle your loved one’s mental condition (such as dementia or bipolar disorder).

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The Importance of Proper Care for Your Loved One’s Mental Conditions

When discussing the appropriate care that your loved one deserves at a nursing home, much attention is paid to the physical care your loved one receives: food, clothing, shelter, and appropriate medical care for injuries and infirmities. However, a person with a mental infirmity or mental condition can suffer as much anguish and pain as a person with a physical condition if that mental condition or impairment is not adequately addressed. What is more, an untreated mental condition can make the individual dangerous to other nursing home residents and/or staff.

What to Look for in a Nursing Home or Care Facility

When you are searching for an appropriate nursing home or long-term care facility for your loved one and your loved one has one or more mental conditions that need attention and care, look for the following:

  •      Does the nursing home or facility have a psychiatrist on staff or does the home contract with a psychiatrist? A psychiatrist is capable of monitoring your loved one’s mental health-related medications and adjusting these medications as necessary. A facility that does not (at least) contract with a psychiatrist may not be appropriate for your loved one.
  •      What training does the facility provide to its staff regarding caring for individuals with mental illnesses and impairments? For a nursing home to be able to properly care for someone with a mental condition, the staff of the facility must know how to properly approach and provide care to a resident who is experiencing a mental crisis. Staff that is not properly trained on how to deescalate a situation involving a resident in crisis may cause unnecessary harm to the resident and/or other residents of the facility.
  •      What reputation does the facility have amongst other mental health professionals in the community? If other psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health aids, and/or others have a negative opinion about the quality of care provided by a certain facility, then you may wish to reconsider whether to place your loved one in such a facility.

How Case Barnett Law Can Help

If a nursing facility agrees to accept your loved one as a resident, that nursing home owes your loved one a duty to provide appropriate care for his or her physical and/or mental conditions and impairments. When the facility fails to do so, count on Case Barnett Law – your Orange County elder abuse attorneys – to help you obtain justice for your loved one. Call us at (949) 861-2990, or contact us online for prompt and professional legal assistance.

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