Nursing Home Abuse Victim Sues Facility Over Snapchat Posts

According to, a Texas nursing home resident has filed suit against the home in which she is a resident after an employee of the facility allegedly made a video recording in which the woman had feces smeared on her by another person. The woman’s face was then tickled so as to encourage her to place her hand in the smeared feces. According to the woman’s family members (who sought out legal assistance on the woman’s behalf), the woman is beset by Alzheimer’s and has difficulty understanding what is occurring around her. The video recording was then uploaded to SnapChat, where it was made available to others. The lawsuit seeks one million dollars in compensatory damages and court costs.

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An Example of how Quick Action Can Lead to Justice

It is not clear how the video posted to SnapChat came to the attention of the woman’s family, but quick thinking and action must have been involved. Normally, videos and photographs posted to SnapChat are quickly deleted and are difficult – if not impossible – to recover once deleted. This is terrible news for nursing home victims of this type of abuse, as critical evidence of the abuse they endure can disappear before authorities and others can preserve the evidence for use in future legal proceedings.

Can I Protect My Loved One from Social Media-Based Abuse?

Unfortunately, it can be nearly impossible to timely discover if your loved one has had private, embarrassing, and/or abusive information posted and/or shared on social media. Alerts and notifications available with some social media platforms may help notify you if some mention is made or media shared that involves your loved one, but the effectiveness of these tools is limited.

One of the best ways to prevent any type of abuse from happening to your loved one is to carefully investigate the nursing home in which you are thinking of placing your loved one. As states like Texas and California continue to pursue measures that identify those homes that have had safety concerns and/or other negative marks made against them. Attention to should paid to these reports as well as to word-of-mouth reports and reviews. When touring a potential facility, take time to inquire about the staff that works at the facility: information as to how staff are selected and how much turnover the home experiences can be indicators as to the likelihood that your loved one will be abused.

When Your Loved One is Abused at a Nursing Home, Contact Case Barnett Law

If your loved one is the victim of abuse at the hands of an employee of his or her nursing home, you need prompt legal assistance and counsel to help protect your loved one’s rights. Case Barnett Law is an Orange County elder abuse law firm dedicated to helping the victims of nursing home abuse take measures to stop the abuse and recover compensation for their injuries. Contact Case Barnett Law today about your case by calling (949) 861-2990 or by completing the firm’s online form.

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