Two States Aim to Bring Focus to Other Victims of Elder Abuse

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 10.34.23 AMWhen one considers the “typical” victim of elder abuse, it is common and easily explainable to picture an individual residing in a nursing home or other long-term care facility. After all, a surprisingly-large number of individuals who reside in these types of facilities have either been the victim of physical, emotional, sexual, and/or financial abuse or know a fellow resident who has. It has not been until recently that more attention has been paid to residents of nursing home facilities and the abuse that they often suffer in silence.

Efforts by Missouri and Kansas To Assist All Victims of Elder Abuse

Derek Schmidt, Attorney General for the State of Kansas, and Kathy Greenlee, a former federal official under President Obama, are working in their respective capacities to bring awareness to elderly individuals in the community and the abuse these individuals can suffer at the hands of family, friends, and/or opportunistic strangers. While the number of individuals who are anticipated to reside in nursing homes is expected to rise in the future, there are (and will continue to be) many more elderly individuals who will reside in their local communities either semi-independently or with family members. According to a quotation of Ms. Greenlee in the Kansas City Star, approximately ten percent of elderly individuals who live in local communities suffer some form of abuse.

Involvement of the Community Can Make a Difference

Elder abuse can exact a terrible toll on some of the most vulnerable members of a community. What is more, common perpetrators of elder abuse include the elderly individual’s family and loved ones. As a result, although statistics suggest one out of every ten elderly persons are abused, it is likely that the true number is significantly higher.

Neighbors, friends, and concerned citizens are not powerless to stop elder abuse in their local communities, however. While states like Kansas and Missouri work to enact additional measures meant to prosecute those who abuse the elderly, normal citizens can also:

  •    Make contact with the elderly individuals in their communities and develop a friendship with them. Commit to checking up on these individuals once in awhile, especially if you have not seen them or heard from them in several days.
  •    Learn the signs of elder abuse. If you notice a change in the mood or demeanor of the elderly individual (for instance, if he or she becomes withdrawn or fearful), ask questions and investigate. Be sure to report any unexplained injuries to local authorities.

Seek Help from an Experienced California Elder Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect that your elderly loved one or elderly friend is being abused by another, time is of the essence. Speak with Case Barnett Law as soon as possible and learn what steps you should take to protect the elderly individual from further abuse. Contact us today at (949) 861-2990 or contact us only and take action against elder abuse.

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